Bryce was a great person, he always gave to the needy and was nice to all people. The gods saw this and rewarded him for his great deeds, they gave him riches beyond belief and he still gave and gave and gave. When he dided he was buried with these mass riches and jewels. People searched and could never find it. Thoasands of years later a man by the name of Caydin who was very nice found this treasure. This founded the saying that the generous always prosper.


I made my avatar because it sorta looks like me. I like to play sports so I added sports pads. If you see me much outside of school you know that I always wear hats, and during baseball are sometimes just when it is daytime I wear sunglasses.

Pi Day!

One interesting fact about pi is that the value of pi in the first 100 places is 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679

If that’s not interesting enough then this will be, If you were to print a billion decimals of pi in normal font the it would stretch from NY city to kansas

Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela

  Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. had many similarities between their struggles to gain eqaul rights between blacks and whites. Although the struggles were in different countries they still had much in common. Nelson Mandela had spent twenty-eight years in prison for being very active in acheiving equal rights as a young man. But then emerged to become president of his country. Both Mandela and King had similar problems. King was arrested many times for peaceful sit-ins and marches. But also became a very powerful influnce in equal rights.

  Both King and Mandela had a very common center for there speeches and that was not that blacks retaliate violently or for them to have more rights. He wanted them to acheive equal rights in very peaceful ways. I think Invictus is used is because it talks mainly on being the leader of yourself not someone being the leader of you that represents why he wanted equal rights is to achieve the freedom to rule himself. I think a hero is someone who achieves things for everyone not just himself and leads people to do the right thing. Todd Beemer who avoided one of the 9/11 planes from crashing into the white house. I thing that shows true

The End

I did not enjoy my mystery book that I read. My book was for people who are really into mystery books. And I am not one of those people. I would only reccomend this book to people that are really in to mystery books. The surprise was that Mrs.Drake the starter of the party was the one responsible for the murder. And that sort of threw me off.


At the climax he interviews a girl who told the murdered girl Joyce about the murder that Joyce claimed she had seen. The other girl had seen it and it turns out Mrs. Drake, the woman who ran the party had killed her. This was because she had assisted in the murder that Joyce’s friend had seen which was the one that happend in the quarry. So Mrs.Drake had to kill joyce to save herself because she helped commit the previous murder. She dropped a glass vase and acted like she had seen someone come out of the room Joyce had come from to divert the attention from her. So it looked like she did nothing.

Mystery Book

The one surprise is that he met the guy that made a sunk garden for a woman who may have been murdered many years before. The man Poirot suspects this may be the murder the girl joyce(murdered)had mentioned she had seen before she died. People think the reason she was murdered was because when she mentioned seeing a murder when she was younger a few hours before her murder. On with the story the man says that no one comes to the beautiful sunk garden anymore because it is considered an unlucky place. Poirot (the Detective) is trying to figure out what mystery Joice may have seen when she was younger.

My Book

 I am at page 80 of my book and right now their have been no surprises or twists but it is very interesting. A girl gets murdered at a halloween party and they are trying to figure out who did it. they believe it is because of a past murder that the girl mentioned she had seen. That is what happened in my book so far. The setting is in England and the main character is poirot. The girl who gets killed is Joyce and their are side characters like Mrs.Drake.